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Kitzler-Walli. Stephan.

Software Development | Consulting

I am a entrepreneur & developer with an emphasis in Microsoft SharePoint, .NET Framework and web technologies in general. I also create mobile solutions for iOS, Android or Windows but currently most of my work these days involves Microsoft SharePoint.

As an independent contractor I'm available and interested to talk to you about helping with your SharePoint deployments and projects. I've worked with customers all over Austria deploying SharePoint, holding trainings and develop specific custom solutions.


Software Engineer - eBit GmbH

Development of call center software and Internet solutions based on ASP 3.0, Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server 7/2000


Software Engineer - ePunkt GmbH

New development of the internal software solution for managing application data and orders based on C #, ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005


Software Architect - cubido Business Solutions GmbH

Planning and development of .net - applications, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft InfoPath, portal solutions based on SharePoint, ASP.NET and MS SQL Server, database applications Oracle and MS SQL Server, Silverlight and full client development based on WPF, WCF, Linq , ...


Software Architect - Dataformers GmbH

Consulting, training, design, development and rollout of .NET applications and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 solutions. Development of custom software based on ASP.NET and Silverlight


Individual Enterprise (Freelancer)

Consulting, training, design, development and rollout of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 solutions. Development of custom solutions based on .NET, Azure, SQL Server, Cocoa and many more

For more information about my professional experience and certifications please visit my XING profile

Feel free to join and contact me on twitter - @kitzler_walli


This list contains the most important technologies I use for my daily work.

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Microsoft Windows Azure
  • HTML5, CSS3, JS5
  • Cordova, AngularJS
  • Typo 3
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